Lenni Reviews: “Lord Griffin’s Prize”(Emerald Isle Fantasies) by Katalina Leon

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*This book was sent to me in exchange for an honest review and is rated for 18+.

Griffin shifter Ronan O’Griofa has been trapped in limbo for centuries. He’s given the chance to become human again when the soul of his wife is reborn and returns to Tullamore Castle to break the curse. He will have one day to convince this woman he is her true love. Maeve de’Burgo shows up at the castle fresh from a divorce and looking to do some genealogy research and have an adventure to shake her out of her sadness. Of course, she begins to see a griffin roaming the halls at night and having flashbacks to what appears to be another life as Lord O’Giofa’s wife.

I understand that Ronan has  just one day to convince Maeve she’s the reincarnation of his wife but even knowing that setup, it seems unrealistically fast how Maeve decides what she’s seeing is all real and the couple gets together for good. I wasn’t able to get to know either of them so I found it hard to care. Maeve is nice enough and Ronan is your classic enigmatic gentleman but I didn’t connect with either of them. I went into this because griffin shifters aren’t usually the subject of these types of romances and since I expected more to come of that, I felt disappointed at the end. But, that expectation was my fault so I gotta rate this as slightly above average for the writing. The descriptions of Tullamore were awesome. 3 out of 5.

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