Lenni Reviews: “Wonder Woman: The True Amazon” by Jill Thompson

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In this origin story, Diana is the spoiled child of the Queen of the Amazons; Hippolyta. Her every whim and selfish desire is indulged and excused until it finally comes to result not only in the injury and disfigurement of her sisters but actually leads to some of them dying! Vowing to atone, Princess Diana ventures off their island to discover what it means to be a true Amazon.

As I was reading, I thought I would hate this book because they made Diana such an egotistical, spoiled, selfish person. And, let’s face it, Diana is pretty damn unlikable and jaw droppingly stupid here. But giving it more thought, it’s more interesting than her being perfect and honorable from the first breath she takes. I do wonder if there is anything Diana can do to make up for what she did but I can get behind a redemption story.

The art calls back to classic mythical style and is just a pleasure to look at. Despite not liking Diana, I went back through the book just to look at the beautiful work. I returned for the art but found young Diana so unpleasant, I wouldn’t want to experience her character though repeated readings. I give this an overall 4 out of 5.

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