Finally Watched It: Over The Garden Wall Episode 4: “Songs of the Dark Lantern”

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Wirt and Greg are extra special lost so they stop at a tavern to ask for directions. Of course the tavern is insane and asking for directions turns in to a series of off topic song and dance numbers until Wirt mentions the Beast. They warn him about the Beast but Beatrice gets into trouble with the Woodsman and the brothers mistake him for the Beast. After they rescue her, the real Beast appears to taunt the Woodsman about his daughter’s soul inside the lantern he’s carrying and decides to go after the kids.

Right now the Beast is all in shadow but he’s still not as creepy as when the Highwayman in the tavern does his little dance. The super close camera angle and overly smooth animated movements freaked me out. I do enjoy having this singular antagonist, though; and I am loving the Alice in Wonderland vibe I get from this show. It’s so creative, fun, and creepy; I am really enjoying it. Took a dark turn with the girl’s soul in a lantern, though.

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