Finally Watched It: “Over The Garden Wall”

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Since the episodes are so short and I had some time, I decided to just binge the rest of this show.

My favorite types of shows are the type where you can tell the creators had real love for what they’re making and the freedom to explore their creation. It’s also another show where even though I wish it was longer, I wonder if it’s better off being short and sweet the way it is. You gotta give props to any story that can hook you quickly and leave you wanting more. But anyone who follows a story in any medium –  be it movie franchises, tv shows or book series – know how a series can go sour as it goes on.

Also, this is another show that can be enjoyed by adults and children. I think those types of cartoons are the best these days; especially speaking as a parent who it frequently trapped by horrid media that has me fleeing the room (I’m looking at you, Teen Titans Go). I would rank this show right up there in quality and storytelling with Avatar, Steven Universe, and Gravity Falls. Even Star vs The Forces of Evil. At first you think you’re watching something bright, colorful, and silly but then all of a sudden you’re dealing with some really mature, scary, and intricate situations. And seeing all these different styles of art is very inspiring and I will freely admit the songs have me tapping my toes.

Allow me to take a short mental minute to rant at why most mainstream movies these days can’t make me care about a character in an over 2-hour movie and yet a 20-minute cartoon can make me tear up aaaannnd, I’m done.

To sum up, I think if you like darker fairy tale stories like Secret of NIHM, or if you’re into the above-mentioned cartoons, I think you would enjoy this show. In fact, I think I’m gonna give it another watch just to make sure.

For research purposes, of course.

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