Recovery/Running Update

Lately, I’ve been crushing my times but it took a LOT to get there. Lately, I’ve been able to hold a good speed for almost 10 minutes! Not bad for someone who hated running a year ago.

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One of the big things I’ve learned is how to rest and how to push myself when I need to. It’s actually kinda cool to post my workouts on Instagram and see people tell me I’m doing great.

All my stitches are all gone and I’ve healed enough that I can resume ab workouts. I haven’t been good about cross-training so I am very relieved about that.

The only thing still lingering is even if I am in pain, I absolutely refuse painkillers. I won’t take Advil, I won’t take Tylenol, I don’t take anything. The thought of it freaks me out! So as I’m training for the Tunnel to Towers run this month, I just let my body tell me when to stop and when I can push for just one more minute.

I should have been doing that in the first place but, lesson learned.

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