The Strange Tale of Lenni’s New Glasses

Of course, a normal person would be asking why getting new glasses would be strange. Well, I kinda think this ties into the “You? YOU are a runner?” kind of mentality in a loose way but also a little of a nudge to some companies who make prescription glasses frames for the general market.

For monetary reasons, it took me two years to finally get my eyes checked out and I knew I’d need a new prescription since it’d been so long. (people can nag all they want but I went to the dentist for a checkup and I have no dental AND I cracked a damn tooth after that so, there went the money for glasses) I am happy to say my eyes are healthy and yes, I needed new lenses and my frames were pushing 5+ years old so I needed those too. But since I have been sticking to this running thing, I was looking forward to getting sports frames.

The odd thing is, when I asked for them it seemed like an odd request. Does no other woman go to get frames and ask for frames that will stay on during workouts? I’m not blind but yeah, I NEED to be wearing glasses if I insist on exposing myself to public scrutiny by running where other people are. I enjoy seeing where I am going and having Transitions lenses (#notsponsored) is VERY convenient for outdoor sports. I kinda found it strange LensCrafters didn’t really have these sorts of frames for adults – they absolutely had them for kids (mainly boys but that’s a rant for another day). I did manage to find really nice frames that hold tight to my head no matter how sweaty my face gets or how hard I run but I was kinda looking forward to something that would wrap around my head like the kid’s frames do. They do make them for adults but not at the store I went to.


(Something like this)

I really have to say – and not just to cover my ass – but this isn’t a dig at LensCrafters. I cannot tell you how frigging nice to me they were and to my kid. I did the survey and I gave them fantastic ratings. Very polite, kind, funny, comforting people and that’s why I keep going back. They worked their asses off for me and I thank them very much. In fact, when I asked for frames that would be good for running and various intense workouts, the woman helping me was impressed, said that’s awesome, and nobody had asked her something like that before. This is more of a “Hey, you guys may wanna get on this” kind of thing. I honestly don’t want to have to order crap from five different places, pay WAAAAYYY more than I can afford, to get what I need.

I got myself some AMAZINGLY geeky librarian frames from LensCrafters that I am SO in love with and some frames that may not have originally been intended for sports but they absolutely serve the purposes I need but it would have been cool to get some of those goggle-type lenses in the same place I got those amazing geeky librarian frames.

Once again, LensCrafters: You have always been awesome to me and I will be coming back. But hey, maybe you wanna add something like these? I’m sure Rayban or DKNY or whoever can design frames for adults you can keep in stock for nearsighted/farsighted with astigmatism pseudo-athletes like me.

Or not. If I sell enough stories, I’ll be back next year anyway. I do pay for you guys out of pocket so I obviously think you’re worth it.

Yeah, that was a shameless plug to beg my readers to buy my stuff, so what?

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