Today’s Workout: End of hiatus


Ah yes, it’s been awhile. Like I’ve been saying, I was focusing on writing and skipping workouts to use that time to write but with this not so short story almost finished, I’m back at it 

This workout was the stationary bike while I picked away at this ending that is being stubborn. I’ll get back to running soon and it may seem silly to delay my weight loss in order to write but I’m trying to recover from the shutdowns devastating my finances. Finishing and selling my writing is slim pickings so far but more stories means more money. If it means paying the mortgage, I thought it was worth it to skip a workout or two.

But I’m writing faster so, I can get back to work here. I am thinking of getting a desk setup for my treadmill so I can walk and type but that’s for later. I want to finish C25K first.

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