Today’s Workout: Quick Strength Training


Not that I think I’ll ever develop six pack abs without having some kind of skin removal surgery; I’d like to have a smaller belly. I know cardio is best for fat burning but I’ve focused too much on straight up calorie burn in general and need to build up more muscle. Besides, I hear it’s not good to run every single day at my weight and age. It’s hard on the knees and I barely make enough money to make ends meet, much less be out of work and pay for knee replacements.

And given the issues I’m STILL having with my Saxenda prescription, I don’t trust my insurance company to do the right thing at all right now. I don’t blame my doctor but for some reason, the insurance company doesn’t think this weight loss drug should be prescribed for weight loss and keep asking for all this extra authorizations! I’m technically medically obese, that’s a diagnosis. This drug is to treat that diagnosis. There’s no reason other than to be petty to deny me this prescription and these games are fucking annoying.

I do see my doctor this month and I’m hoping that the around 20 pound weight loss since I started this will be some leverage to stop this nonsense.

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