Today’s workout: I’m a dummy…

I totally forgot to bring my Freewrite Traveler to work with me so I couldn’t write all day. Once I got home, whatever plans I had for this story flew out of my brain. Now I’m back to picking at it until things click back into place.

Luckily for me, sitting there on the bike did shake some things loose. I turned down the resistance so I could go faster and just let the time go by as I wrote. Part of me is wondering if I should get back on the treadmill but just set it really slow so I can keep writing but I worry about not burning enough calories since I’d be walking so slowly. Or maybe that would be better for my knees… If I did that, I certainly wouldn’t use Zombies Run for those workouts. It would ruin my stats.

I am anxious to get back to running but taking this time to write has helped. I’m still not making a lot of money but I’ve finally gotten to the point where I don’t go a month with no sales at all. Maybe it’s not a good idea to so vastly alter my health goals around making money but the bank doesn’t care if I’m fat or thin, just as long as I pay the mortgage.


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Today’s Workout: Almost Done!


More desk bike today so I can write at the same time and I’m finally close to the conclusion of this novella! This one has been hard going. Sometimes a story will just fall out onto the page, sometimes I have to battle with every letter. This one is leaning more towards the latter.

The editing process is gonna suck…

But getting frustrated with writing does help the workout time go faster but I have the feeling I won’t be able to edit this one on the bike. That’s fine, I have one WIP and one outline to start writing. I’ll have plenty to keep me busy.

Unfortunately, my weight hasn’t changed much; I waffle back and forth between 217 and 219 so, I’ll hold off on posting an update until it’s under 217. I just can’t let those one or two pound daily changes drive me nuts or define my whole day. 

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Today’s Workout: Simplicity


I got on the desk bike because I didn’t feel like running.

That’s it.

Seriously, I don’t have an excuse. I didn’t want to skip a workout but I didn’t want to be on the treadmill either. It wasn’t that I didn’t feel motivated or sore or overtired. I just looked at the thing and went:



Not every day is going to be perfect when you’re trying to get fit and lose weight. And it’s not like I ate poorly today or ate too much. I still keep my calories low and went for an extra walk on my lunch break (to get something to eat but I picked the bagel place further away for the extra movement). I refuse to feel guilty for taking it easy since my mental health is just as important as my physical health. If I wanna blow off the treadmill to do a workout where I can write at the same time because I enjoy it, then I’m gonna do it.

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Today’s workout: Biking at work.


Since I had a webinar, it was looking like I was going to be sitting for way too much of my day. So, while watching a presentation that will probably break through my work budget for graphic novels, I pulled out my Wirk under desk bike to get some exercise. It’s easy to just keep going and not focus on time while I’m watching the webinar. 

And the bike didn’t hurt my back at all, thank goodness.

As for food, I’ve been trying to eat more salads and greens still. The electric lunch box I have at work is a LIFE SAVER when it comes to not only eating healthier (since the food is steamed) but cheaper since getting take out has been getting more expensive (while my income stagnates but I could go on for hours bitching about that). Eventually, I’ll take pictures of what I prep and how I cook at work and what I’ve had to adjust since being on Saxenda. It’s been an adjustment but I think I have a decent system that saves me time.

I also love the under desk bike because I can workout earlier in the day. Sometimes I dread the thought of working out after a stressful day and I just wanna destress and write.

I’ll also have a writing update soon. I’ve got a project to announce that’s almost done.

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30 Day Challenge Day 14


Today was more work on the bike. I’m finding it more and more comfortable sitting in it but even so, that 8 mile ride was too much. One thing I’ve learned it pushing my body like that will only harm me in the long run. Especially since next week’s C210K runs will be over an hour.

I also coupled this with some ab work. It annoys me to still have a belly after all this work. And I have all these adorable outfits that I don’t fit into and my belly is the problem. I’m gonna really focus on changing that.

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30 Day Challenge Day 12


I changed the pace on this to reflect my actual abilities but got on the bike instead of running. It was just not a good day; I was cranky and tired all day, I didn’t even want to bother eating because it felt like a hassle, and everything annoyed me. I couldn’t see myself being on the treadmill for an hour so I got on the bike instead. I’ll have to go to bed early and try again tomorrow morning.

30 Day Challenge Day 9


With this session, I tried to knock out some miles in my Yes.Fit 2020 challenge with my desk bike and basically did as many miles as I could stand. I was aiming for 10 but around 6 (obviously) my legs were trembling from the hip down. I could barely stand and almost hit the floor trying to dismount the damn thing. I don’t know if this is a sign that I’m pushing myself too hard or that I’m not pushing myself hard enough.

Either way, DAMN my legs hurt!

Runner 5 down! Sorta…


Other than that shot being super awkward… I finally had that lipoma removed from my shoulder and the doctor was very damn clear that there will be no running for at least 2 weeks.

I won’t go into super detail about how fucking strange it is to have someone digging out a fat glob from your flesh but you don’t feel it but I did ask about my desk bike and as long as I don’t over do it, the bike should be fine.

(The bike in question)

I also have this nifty tiny peddler under my work desk.

(One of these thingies)

One good side effect is I will have more time to write and do needlework. I’m off running for at least 2 weeks and I have no desire to completely lose the progress I’ve made. But, as long as I don’t go flailing my arms around, I should be able to churn out more content and sale items.

No doing this, basically.

I’ll be careful and heal up properly. I did sign up for the Zombies Run! Spring virtual race but I should be healed up by then!

Too bad I didn’t get to keep my lipoma. I would have kept it in formaldehyde and named it Gregori…

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