Today’s Workout: Back to the Bike

I have a short story I’m trying to finish before the end of the week so I hopped on the desk bike to make more headway towards my word goal. On that self-publishing grind… But, I am trying to commit to 30 minutes of cardio 3 times a week. Multitasking is a must.

I update my writing progress on my Pateon more often than here if you’re interested.

There’s something about the bike that makes my muscles hurt SO much more than running. You’d think the higher impact workout would hurt more but nope. My thighs are shaking after every session on that thing. I don’t notice while I’m going because I’m focused on the writing but once I get off the bike? I’ve felt like my legs were gonna give out on me. Not sure if that’s a good thing… But a calorie burned is a calorie burned. I’m counting it as a win.

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