Today’s Workout: Last Day of Cardio

I had a database training today so, again, rather than just sit there, I brought out the under desk bike for half of it.

If my boss reads this, yes, I was still paying attention. I don’t subscribe to most of these things. But we should. They’re cool.

Anyway, I did my best to get my heartrate up as much as possible and, unlike my desk bike at home, my thighs didn’t feel like they’re going to fall out from under me. This is my last cardio for the week. I’m taking tomorrow off to do some much needed cleaning around the house and organizing more in my office so I can work in there efficiently. I’ve been doing a great job of decluttering (I may start selling some collectables and such in my shop, we’ll see) but I’m behind on general cleaning. I work full time then immediately start writing when I get home. Other than a quick mop up, I haven’t had time. I’m betting I’ll burn plenty of calories doing that.

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