Today’s Workout: Triple Threat

In addition to using the under desk peddler, I had to walk up to the store to get hot sauce (my kid is obsessed) and some sesame oil (that’s getting expensive so not buying that for awhile…), I picked up the kettle bell after a super light dinner. My only cheat was a small portion of Tipsy Scoop for dessert. Raspberry Limoncello Sorbet, if you’re curious. Very nice as a cap to the evening.

I am really feeling these arm workouts. I think I’m back in the head space where the soreness is letting me know I’m doing a good thing for my body. The sad part is I’d skipped weight training for so long, I have a moment where I think “Wait, why am I sore again?” before my stupid brain makes the logistical leap.

All I need to do is my 50 squats and stretch before bed and the day is done! I have the feeling with more days like this I’ll get back on track.

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Today’s Workout: Cardio and Review/Writing Updates


I have a bunch of graphic novels I need to get though to review so, while I was reading I used my under peddler. I’m still behind on reviews but I’ve been prioritizing my writing. But more reviews will be coming!

The third part to Dahlia is being worked on but I keep splitting it with the other WIPs I have. Maybe this weekend, I can knuckle down and finish it but I’m still not sure what I want to do with the ultimate conclusion. I want it to be a happy ending but it needs to be a happy ending that makes sense. I don’t want it to end up feeling forced or trite just because I want my characters to be happy. That’s what’s kicking around in my head, anyway so I have no timetable for a conclusion at this point.

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Today’s Workout: Cardio Day 1 and Sunday Dinner


I did some biking while I went through the books on my desk. I have these random piles of things and it was about time I made sure I even need them there. Most of them are withdrawn books I want to read before either selling or disposing of them.

Meanwhile, I had a TON of leftover rice floating around so I used it to make some beef fried rice.


Yeah, it looks messy but I’m not out here trying to be a food blogger. I’m just trying to get my money’s worth out of my food and getting creative with eating more vegetables. Also, I used a small bowl and it was more than enough to fill me up. My only issue was with adding the scrambled egg. Instead of adding chunks of egg, it just got absorbed by everything else and created an interesting creamy sensation. And I made sure everything was cooked through so there’s no salmonella in my future. I had fun making it and it was satisfying. I’d totally make this a regular meal.

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Today’s Workout: Dreary Day…


Today was an ideal day to workout at my desk. Its rainy and windy, just the type of day where you don’t want to do anything but cuddle up with a warm drink and a blanket. But, I made sure to get in my third cardio day for the week.

Unfortunately, my scale hasn’t moved much. I’m still fluctuating between 210 and 208 and I’d hoped to be under 200 by now. It’s traditional to want to achieve weight loss goals by the summer and it’s looking like I won’t make it. I know it’s not a be all end all goal, but I’m still disappointed. But, I’m not giving up. I got my new refill of Saxenda and plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits to keep on track, even with the occasional treat. This weekend, I’ll start my bodyweight workouts to build some muscle.

I’m still struggling with my salt intake. I’m limiting it but I still love that salty taste. I’m considering Flavor God since they have some low sodium options. I’ll update if I get my hands on some.

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Today’s Workout: Me and My Planner


More under desk bike while I write out what I need to do for the day. Like posting my workouts, it helps me stay accountable and keep track of things that need to be updated. I use these 90x planners (not sponsored). They’re expensive so I wait till they’re having a sale to buy them. Since I’m doing so many other things aside for my main job, this keeps me from forgetting things. Sometimes… 

This was a longer one since I’m eating instant noodles for lunch and that’s packed with sodium and calories. I just didn’t get up in time to prep something healthier; which I honestly should have done the night before but I didn’t. I’ll do better for the rest of the week.

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Today’s Workout: Training Complete

This long three day training is finally done! And my coworker loved that blanket, so I’m feeling pretty darn accomplished this week.

I have been writing more and I have the cover for Dahlia 3 up for patrons on my Patreon if you’d like to support me there.

Next week will probably be more of the same; desk bike and multitasking. It’s so easy for 40 minutes to just fly by and I get progress on my side hustles. It’s a win-win.

Yeah, this is a short one. Not much to say; did workout, it was good, feeling proud of my successes! 

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Today’s Workout and Weight Update


I’m still sticking with the biking so I can write at the same time but I can tell I was more focused on the writing part this session than the workout part. I had to remind myself not to slow down so my heart rate was off. But, I count this as a win as it’s not just being motionless. 

Also, I did say that I would post a weight update when I made some kind of good progress and, here we go!


I am so close to under 200! I know my dream goal is 170 (10 pounds lighter than I was before I got pregnant) and now it seems like I may finally make it!

I dunno what I’m gonna do once I hit that goal in terms of celebrating. I thought of going to get my nails done like I used to but I don’t have the money for fancy acrylic nails.

Unless someone wants to buy a book or three to contribute… Or just to help me pay bills in general… Hint hint…

I kid. Sort of.

Maybe I’ll finally post a photo since I never did take a before picture just in case the Saxenda didn’t work. I didn’t want to post another ‘before’ photo only to have it just mean ‘before another failed weight loss attempt.’ I guess that means no super dramatic transformation evidence but it’s more important for me to hit my goals. Showing off isn’t the point.

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Today’s Workout: More Multitasking


Since I’m worried about writing more books but don’t want to miss out on my cardio, I’m back to the desk bike while I work. The good news is I finished one short story and started another one right after. My goal is to have a back log of completed work and then schedule regular release dates. But, we’ll see how it goes.

As for my weight, there hasn’t been much of a change other than the standard 1-2 pound fluctuations. I’ll give an update when there’s a substantial change.

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Today’s Workout: Back to the Bike

I have a short story I’m trying to finish before the end of the week so I hopped on the desk bike to make more headway towards my word goal. On that self-publishing grind… But, I am trying to commit to 30 minutes of cardio 3 times a week. Multitasking is a must.

I update my writing progress on my Pateon more often than here if you’re interested.

There’s something about the bike that makes my muscles hurt SO much more than running. You’d think the higher impact workout would hurt more but nope. My thighs are shaking after every session on that thing. I don’t notice while I’m going because I’m focused on the writing but once I get off the bike? I’ve felt like my legs were gonna give out on me. Not sure if that’s a good thing… But a calorie burned is a calorie burned. I’m counting it as a win.

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Today’s Workout: Feeling Better


I had to moderate the meditation over Zoom at work today and the way I clear my head is to workout. Since my knee was all messed up earlier this week, I figured the under desk peddler that I keep at work would be a nice, low stress, low impact way to see how my knee is fairing. I am happy to report that I got through the 30 minutes without so much as an ache! I’m going to wait till Monday to make sure I’m ready for the treadmill but I wanted some easy calories burned.

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