Today’s Workout and Weight Update


I’m still sticking with the biking so I can write at the same time but I can tell I was more focused on the writing part this session than the workout part. I had to remind myself not to slow down so my heart rate was off. But, I count this as a win as it’s not just being motionless. 

Also, I did say that I would post a weight update when I made some kind of good progress and, here we go!


I am so close to under 200! I know my dream goal is 170 (10 pounds lighter than I was before I got pregnant) and now it seems like I may finally make it!

I dunno what I’m gonna do once I hit that goal in terms of celebrating. I thought of going to get my nails done like I used to but I don’t have the money for fancy acrylic nails.

Unless someone wants to buy a book or three to contribute… Or just to help me pay bills in general… Hint hint…

I kid. Sort of.

Maybe I’ll finally post a photo since I never did take a before picture just in case the Saxenda didn’t work. I didn’t want to post another ‘before’ photo only to have it just mean ‘before another failed weight loss attempt.’ I guess that means no super dramatic transformation evidence but it’s more important for me to hit my goals. Showing off isn’t the point.

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Today’s Workout: More Multitasking


Since I’m worried about writing more books but don’t want to miss out on my cardio, I’m back to the desk bike while I work. The good news is I finished one short story and started another one right after. My goal is to have a back log of completed work and then schedule regular release dates. But, we’ll see how it goes.

As for my weight, there hasn’t been much of a change other than the standard 1-2 pound fluctuations. I’ll give an update when there’s a substantial change.

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Today’s Workout: Back to the Bike

I have a short story I’m trying to finish before the end of the week so I hopped on the desk bike to make more headway towards my word goal. On that self-publishing grind… But, I am trying to commit to 30 minutes of cardio 3 times a week. Multitasking is a must.

I update my writing progress on my Pateon more often than here if you’re interested.

There’s something about the bike that makes my muscles hurt SO much more than running. You’d think the higher impact workout would hurt more but nope. My thighs are shaking after every session on that thing. I don’t notice while I’m going because I’m focused on the writing but once I get off the bike? I’ve felt like my legs were gonna give out on me. Not sure if that’s a good thing… But a calorie burned is a calorie burned. I’m counting it as a win.

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Today’s Workout: Feeling Better


I had to moderate the meditation over Zoom at work today and the way I clear my head is to workout. Since my knee was all messed up earlier this week, I figured the under desk peddler that I keep at work would be a nice, low stress, low impact way to see how my knee is fairing. I am happy to report that I got through the 30 minutes without so much as an ache! I’m going to wait till Monday to make sure I’m ready for the treadmill but I wanted some easy calories burned.

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Today’s Workout: Desk Bike


I know this one was short but I’m honestly just trying to get back in the habit of workouts three days a week. While I’m editing, I also resumed work on my two other WIPs so I can finish off one series that I’m working on and get some new stories out by the end of the month.

If you want any previews, feel free to check out my Patreon for exclusive content!


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Today’s Workout: Editing


With a rough draft done and Thanksgiving over, I’m back to working out. I decided to keep editing on my desk bike and holy crap, did I feel exactly like I haven’t worked out properly in weeks! I feel wrecked. Good thing I decided to bike instead hopping right on the treadmill for a run. My knees are BURNIN!

I going to do my best in getting back into my regular routine and losing weight on schedule again. Unfortunately, I did gain weight back after missing my Saxenda for a month; I went back up to 217. But now that I’ve restarted, I’m down to 214.

Once I finalize my edits, I’ll have a final word count for NaNoWriMo but luckily, adding more detail and fixing errors doesn’t require as much focus as the original blitz to the end. I can divide my attention by biking at the same time. Because man, I need to get strong again after being so sedentary for so long.

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Today’s Workout: Deskbike + Freewrite = WIN

Okay so, my blog is going to be taken over by NaNoWriMo…

Anyways, putting my Freewrite Traveler on the desk bike really helped me get to my fitness and word goals for the day. I do tryto sneak in words during the whole day but having that dedicated time on the bike does wonders.

You can tell in my heartrate where I was thinking more about the book I’m working on than my workout. A calorie burned is a calorie burned.

Also… I am STILL waiting for the insurance company to approve my Saxenda refill. I am NOT happy about this because I barely get paid enough to make ends meet so paying full price for this out of pocket is just out of the question unless I win lotto or become an international best seller within the next 48 hours. With a Netflix deal. With a cut of the merch sales…

Hey, I gotta dream big here.

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Today’s Workout: Outline Work


Yup, I’m still prepping for NaNo. I hopped on the bike while I worked and you can tell where I was paying attention to the outline more than my pedaling. But hey, anything is better than just sitting in the chair, right?

I’m still waiting for my Saxenda refill so my weight hasn’t changed much. I have noticed that even thought it’s been a few weeks (yeah, WEEKS), I haven’t gone back to my pre-Saxenda food consumption. I’m still eating smaller meals (despite me playing around with different types of noodles, if you’ve seen my Instagram) and feeling a bit sick if I try to eat too much. Does this mean the drug lingers in my system longer than I thought or has my stomach shrunk? I have no idea. But I have been in contact with my doctor to resume my prescription. Hopefully, that will get worked out soon.

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Today’s Workout: Preptime!

Now that my newest book is ready to release (comes out tomorrow!), I can focus on prepping for NaNoWriMo. So, today I propped my little Chromebook on my Wirk Bike and started a chapter by chapter breakdown of what I want to happen in this new book. And I was smart enough to stretch after because, I’ll be honest, I haven’t been working out as much.

I also need to make sure I’m more active because my insurance company decided to play games with my Saxenda; taking so long to approve my refill that I ran out. Good thing this isn’t something I need to live because this is BS. I did talk to my doctor and I should get it soon but come on. This shouldn’t be such an issue.

Anyways, I’ll be getting back to more workouts now. I actually felt more stiff not moving around than after a workout. My job is sedentary enough. Moving around is what I need.

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Today’s Workout: Back at it!


Now that NYCC is over and I have two complete stories that just need a tiny bit more editing; I’m easing back into workouts. My weight is pretty much the same so there’s little to report here other than I’ll get back to running once these drafts are done.

I don’t know how my running will go around NaNoWriMo, as I’m prepping for that now. Yes, I’m actually trying it out this year. I have an interesting idea and I’m going to have a detailed outline before the end of this month. But for now, more workouts! I put my little Chromebook up on my desk bike and worked while I pedaled. My wireless mouse died and made this an interesting adventure but I was still able to get my heartrate up and also get work done. Totally worth the time.

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