Today’s Workout and Weight Update


I’m still sticking with the biking so I can write at the same time but I can tell I was more focused on the writing part this session than the workout part. I had to remind myself not to slow down so my heart rate was off. But, I count this as a win as it’s not just being motionless. 

Also, I did say that I would post a weight update when I made some kind of good progress and, here we go!


I am so close to under 200! I know my dream goal is 170 (10 pounds lighter than I was before I got pregnant) and now it seems like I may finally make it!

I dunno what I’m gonna do once I hit that goal in terms of celebrating. I thought of going to get my nails done like I used to but I don’t have the money for fancy acrylic nails.

Unless someone wants to buy a book or three to contribute… Or just to help me pay bills in general… Hint hint…

I kid. Sort of.

Maybe I’ll finally post a photo since I never did take a before picture just in case the Saxenda didn’t work. I didn’t want to post another ‘before’ photo only to have it just mean ‘before another failed weight loss attempt.’ I guess that means no super dramatic transformation evidence but it’s more important for me to hit my goals. Showing off isn’t the point.

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