Today’s Workout: Dreary Day…


Today was an ideal day to workout at my desk. Its rainy and windy, just the type of day where you don’t want to do anything but cuddle up with a warm drink and a blanket. But, I made sure to get in my third cardio day for the week.

Unfortunately, my scale hasn’t moved much. I’m still fluctuating between 210 and 208 and I’d hoped to be under 200 by now. It’s traditional to want to achieve weight loss goals by the summer and it’s looking like I won’t make it. I know it’s not a be all end all goal, but I’m still disappointed. But, I’m not giving up. I got my new refill of Saxenda and plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits to keep on track, even with the occasional treat. This weekend, I’ll start my bodyweight workouts to build some muscle.

I’m still struggling with my salt intake. I’m limiting it but I still love that salty taste. I’m considering Flavor God since they have some low sodium options. I’ll update if I get my hands on some.

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