Today’s Workout: Back to the Bike


Since I’m working on more writing, I waited until I got home to workout and used my desk bike. This uses an entirely different set of muscles than sitting in my office chair with the peddler. I actually sweat using the bike. But since the peddler is at work, it’s for the best not to sweat too much using that.

I forgot to do the bodyweight workouts because I had a nice long talk with my kid about internet safety and scams. Modern parenting, man… But my almost unhealthy amount of MLM and other scam content that I watch gave me the chance to educate my child who hopefully will let their friends know what to avoid. I’ll have to make up for missing those tomorrow with some extra kettlebell.

Getting back to the bike is me working up to getting back to running. I would like to start C25K up again before the end of the month then once that’s done, maybe to the 5k training within the Zombies Run app. Those are totally different beasts. The Zombies Run version makes sure you up your speed.

Maybe I’ll just do that one instead of C25K. We’ll see how it works out.

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