Today’s Workouts: The bike and other stuff


Since I’m trying to get more writing done, I’m back to the desk bike so I can type and peddle at the same time. That’s gonna have to be what I do while I get stories published so I can earn money for my NYCC cosplay. And also fit into my NYCC cosplay…

I wish I could somehow write and do crunches at the same time but, ah well. Sacrifices must be made.

I’ve also been listening to the inactivity alert I downloaded onto my smart watch and I’ve been able to get  3000 or more steps every day; which is up from a normal day of sitting around at a desk (I used to struggle to break 2000). Even if it’s just to get up and go look out the window, I do it so I’m active that much longer.

I did try on some dresses that were too tight on me before and they fit much better. One is actually too big (and I’m a little ticked off about that because I haven’t worn it out ONCE). Guess I’ll have to get me some safety pins or finally learn how to use Ma’s old sewing machine.

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