Today’s Workout: Back at home


Instead of my desk peddler, I waited until I got home to sit on the desk bike; which has a MUCH higher resistance than the peddler. I used to workout after work every day (or most days) and I got out of the habit of that since I was jumping right to my side work. The desk bike is perfect to pedal while I’m editing and man, did I forget how much harder it was to use that bike. My muscles were aching on top of still being sore from NYCC. I’m back and forth on if it’s better to use the peddler at work or the bike/treadmill at home. Either way, I need to get my cardio up and get my schedule in order. I’m morphing into one of those people who lives by a planner with a bunch of stickers because I need to get more disciplined; especially since I didn’t prep or plan anything when it came to food today. It was a snacky day where I ate whatever I would be able to cook and eat quickly. I’ll talk more about this in a writing update but I’m trying to get my newest book finished by the end of the week. Then I have to finish the outline for the next one. I’m also getting my reviews updated so, I’m a very busy gal right now.

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