Today’s Workout: Back to it!


I am easing my way back into my workouts. Usually, after NYCC, I don’t do anything until my body is completely recovered. But, I am determined to hit my goals, build up some muscle, and get stronger. This was a quick session on the desk peddler and I’ve been doing some deep stretches. I think that’s why my body doesn’t feel as wrecked post con as it usually does. I’m sore but I don’t feel like I’m dying.

Unfortunately, not feeling wrecked doesn’t mean I’m not tired. I didn’t get up early enough to prep fancy stuff so, I tried my hand at ramen and veggies in the microwave. It was meh. I prefer the Itaki. And I like to balance out meals with noodles with a salad and since I paused the Saxenda (I did NOT want to be running for the bathroom at a convention where there are ALWAYS lines for the bathroom) I was starving around dinner time. This was a big salad and when you are that hungry and actually want a salad, it hits different. It was so good and made me so happy. All the greens are to help me get back on track after eating like absolute trash over NYCC weekend. I have some big plans to get creative with the food that’s already in the house as well as keeping my cardio around 30-40 minutes but having longer sessions with my resistance bands (which I forgot I owned). I know that’s not as good as using machines at a gym but I am absolutely broke and cannot afford a gym right now. I’m sure the bands will be just fine for now.

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