Today’s Workout: Playing Catch-up


I’ve been trying to catch up on my book reviews so I can tell I wasn’t as focused on the workout. That’s ok because I’m trying to get through my intense backlog of books. I’m aiming to at least do two posts a day aside from the workout posts.

In food news, I FINALLY got the homemade chips right!


I had bought some ground wagyu awhile back and since I’m doing my best to eat what’s in the house and not order out, I made smashed wagyu burgers and chips on the side. I got the pretzel bun from here. That’s truffle salt on the top.

Now, the mistake I was making with the chips was not letting them air dry after soaking them. I would just toss them in the oil, resulting in some soggy ass chips and some crispy ones. This time I let them air out for 30 minutes sandwiched in paper towels and they came out perfect. I even got the seasoning right so I don’t feel like I’m going to get sodium poisoning. I had some BBQ seasoning in my cabinet and paired with a little season salt, I have a nice crispy snack!

With the Saxenda, this was a HUGE meal that I ended up dividing in half but it was still amazing. If I ever get a deal on wagyu again, I’d repeat this meal.

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