Today’s Run: Cheating? Maybe? Not really…


On my last run, I whined about my warm-up time cutting into my pace but I did some lazy running research and a warm-up is something that really shouldn’t be skipped. So, instead of letting it fuck up my time, I warmed up off the clock with a brisk 6-minute power walk, THEN turned on the app and ran. I ended up hitting my first mile in 14:33 and the second in 30:41. That is much closer to my time before my fun little surgery adventure, which gives me hope for any future races I want to run and the possibility of increasing my distance to a 10k.

In food type news, I am trying my hand at intermittent fasting. I stop eating after 7 and don’t eat again until 8-10 am, which honestly fits into my life since most mornings are a haze of yelling at both the two-legged kid and the four-legged kids before dragging ass into work. It’s easier for me to eat once I’m far away from the house. And I’m not undereating. I’m brutally honest with my food diary (and I plan to get a food scale to really get things as accurate as possible) so, you can see I am clearly not starving myself. Running takes fuel and I’ve done enough stupid shit to my body to try and lose weight over the years. I’m not about to start that nonsense again…

Anyways, I’m going to do my runs like this on the treadmill from now on: the warm-up, turning on the apps for the real run, then a cool down at the end of it. I just need to tack on that extra bit to get over 3 miles and I’m golden!

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Today’s Workout? Nope

I didn’t run today, opting instead to take care of some toning work via the Atlas Shape. There’s a storm headed our way and being the kickass single mom that I am, I take care of all the shoveling myself. There is a limit to how much my back and arms will take and I don’t want to chance hurting myself and putting myself out of commission for weeks or more.

But hey, shoveling is cardio!

The reason for an update today is some random food trickery I did for dinner.

Essentially, I had a bunch of food I didn’t want to go bad and threw it over some pasta. I sliced some garlic and radishes, tossed in some green cauliflower, served it with some olive oil over whole wheat pasta, then sprinkled prosciutto on top. In the end, it was kinda bitter but still good!

I won’t lie, it was all an excuse to have some carbs. If I didn’t have some pasta, I would lose it.

I don’t feel ashamed of the day as I still stayed within my calorie goal and focused on building some muscle; kinda need those to run later. As for tomorrow, we will have to see how much snow I have to move and how much it hurts before I promise myself I’ll do any running.

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Weight Loss Challenge Update

Starting Weight: 199

Current Weight: 190


I did it!! 😀 190 was my goal weight from the beginning and let me tell you, at 200 pounds, I thought it was impossible.

My goal now is just to maintain. My lowest weight was 179 and I looked a little gaunt. These days I’m thinking it’ll be good for me to maintain the pounds I lost rather than go for broke and try for another 20 pounds.

I guess it’s time to try on that dress again. 😉

Influenster – The Good Life VoxBox


I got this nifty little box from Influenster a couple days ago and right off the bat, the first thing I couldn’t wait to try out was the New-Skin liquid bandage. When I workout, I workout HARD so blisters are a common part of life for me. Also, as a librarian, so are paper cuts. 😉 I can see that coming in handy when kept in my purse; as would be the to go pain relief. Sore muscles, you see…

As for the snacks? I don’t like yogurt at all. It all tastes like sour milk to me. :p I plan to pass that off to my kid, who I can get to eat anything once it seems. XD I am a fan of Vitamin Shoppe and I’m willing to give the Thin Biscuits a try. But honestly? It’s the first aid stuff I’m most likely to buy. ^_^

Bikini Ready Cravebox


I kinda figured this box would include some sort of diet book. Man, have I read a LOT of those and I’ve honestly found the best diet to be “don’t eat junk and move around more” so I probably won’t be using that. Other than the book, the rest seems pretty cool! Especially the Sally Hansen nail stickers. I am such a sucker for those. I love using those for accent nails.

The one thing I’m hesitant to try is GymPact. It SEEMS like a good idea but I don’t workout in a gym. I workout at home.  I don’t think “Home Gym” or “Zumba for the Wii” is a valid check in point for that app. XD

If I finally use any of this and remember, I’ll review the stuff. I’d rather not use the wax strips… 0.0 Owie…

Pagan Blog Project – “B” for Body

Recently, I had a pretty skinny coworker of mine complain how fat she was getting now that she’s quit smoking. Even with her new-found “fat,” she is still small enough for one and a half of her equals me.

Aside for the inability for women (in general) to be happy with their bodies, I do get really pissed off when women half my size complain about how fat they are. As a size 14 with an hourglass figure, it makes me wonder what such women think when they see a woman bigger than they happy(ish) with how she looks.

I do watch my diet and exercise because I do have this beautiful size 12 dress I would love to wear one day, but on the whole, I feel pretty good about myself. I’ve heard plenty about how I should lose weight for my health because heaven fore-fend someone not be a size 4 and healthy. My blood pressure is spot on, cholesterol at healthy levels, and I have a pretty strong heart (only weakened by a childhood disease). I do workouts most of my skinny friends (male and female) can’t keep up with because it feels awesome to be strong.

Even when my body betrays me (I am sick right now, fighting off an ear infection and a cold) I believe my body is as the gods intended and I take pretty good care of it. 🙂 It is, after all, just a loan. I’d like to return it in as good condition as They gave it to me. 😉

Tweaking… Again

As I wait to hear from my agent, I have time to worry about my diet more. See, I haven’t been sticking to my macrobiotics like I should be so I have resolved to take better care of that. In addition, I’ve cut back my workouts. I think I’ve been overdoing it and it’s hindering my progress. So, my new plan is to only eat meat on weekends and only organic meat cooked in a healthy(ish) way. I’ve cut my workouts to 30-40 minutes instead of 45-60. And the most important thing? Every time I think of buying some sort of gimmick DVD set or diet pill, I’ll put that money into my savings account.

You just do NOT want to know how much money I have wasted on various diet pills over the years. I’d wager thousands of dollars total between me and my mother. I think this is much more suitable conditioning than just a mental pat on the back for not buying Relacore, even though it was on clearance. I owe myself an extra 100$ on top of my regular savings already. >_< Watch, in a few months I’ll have a down payment on a car. :p

Anyways, me and my crampy, bloated self need to get to work before I decide I hate live and just to to sleep. All that lovely, Pagan, women are goddesses and every thing we to is magical stuff is all well and good till your uterus is in a vice and you’re carrying 5 pounds of extra water around.

And on that happy note. To work!