Today’s Workout? Nope

I didn’t run today, opting instead to take care of some toning work via the Atlas Shape. There’s a storm headed our way and being the kickass single mom that I am, I take care of all the shoveling myself. There is a limit to how much my back and arms will take and I don’t want to chance hurting myself and putting myself out of commission for weeks or more.

But hey, shoveling is cardio!

The reason for an update today is some random food trickery I did for dinner.

Essentially, I had a bunch of food I didn’t want to go bad and threw it over some pasta. I sliced some garlic and radishes, tossed in some green cauliflower, served it with some olive oil over whole wheat pasta, then sprinkled prosciutto on top. In the end, it was kinda bitter but still good!

I won’t lie, it was all an excuse to have some carbs. If I didn’t have some pasta, I would lose it.

I don’t feel ashamed of the day as I still stayed within my calorie goal and focused on building some muscle; kinda need those to run later. As for tomorrow, we will have to see how much snow I have to move and how much it hurts before I promise myself I’ll do any running.

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