Today’s Run: Channeling Grunkle Stan


Today’s run made me feel old.

“Another day, Another random body pain.”

I dunno what the fudge was goin’ on but my right knee was pissed off! I finished the mission but I’m not gonna pretend I didn’t have extra walk breaks this time.

Overall, the rest of my body felt completely fine. My back doesn’t hurt, my muscles aren’t cramping, it’s just that damn knee.

Also, I skipped the sweaty selfie because I jumped right in the shower to get into writing mode and no food because I pretty much ate the same thing I usually eat; salad, meat, cheese, etc… Kinda boring but a reliable go to for my meals.

Tomorrow’s run will be shorter to spare my knees (unless they feel better). I will have to mine the cupboards to see what I can make that’s more interesting than just a salad.

Even though I like salad…

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