Today’s Run: Hit My Weekly Goal!


I tried three times and for some reason, the app kept reloading the Canada mission… Ah well. I like that one. It has crazy Margaret Atwood in it.

I am liking the idea of posting to the blog every time I do a run. I honestly feel like I NEED to make sure I run because I don’t want to skip too many days of posting.

Saturday I took a rest day… Well, less of a rest day and more of a took-my-car-in-and-was-stuck-doing-that-all-day… Day. And it cost me $900!

Thanks, fucking asshole potholes in all the damn streets!

Anyways, as the title states, this is the run that put me over my 10 mile a week goal. I use Google Fit’s measurements; which go from Monday to Sunday rather than Sunday to Saturday. Oddly enough, my knee started randomly bothering me. I just took it easy and finished the run very carefully.

I can tell my speed is increasing since it’s taking me less and less time to get to 2 miles. However, I still feel dead on my feet around 2.5 miles; making getting to 3.11 or 6 miles feel as if they might as well be a million miles. I know the adage is “your race, your time” but I don’t want to take so long to run 3 miles and I would like to spend less time walking.

I can tell my endurance is better from a couple weeks ago. I just need to be patient.

As for my food today? No pics. I had Wendy’s. Today was a #fuckthediet day.

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