Tweaking… Again

As I wait to hear from my agent, I have time to worry about my diet more. See, I haven’t been sticking to my macrobiotics like I should be so I have resolved to take better care of that. In addition, I’ve cut back my workouts. I think I’ve been overdoing it and it’s hindering my progress. So, my new plan is to only eat meat on weekends and only organic meat cooked in a healthy(ish) way. I’ve cut my workouts to 30-40 minutes instead of 45-60. And the most important thing? Every time I think of buying some sort of gimmick DVD set or diet pill, I’ll put that money into my savings account.

You just do NOT want to know how much money I have wasted on various diet pills over the years. I’d wager thousands of dollars total between me and my mother. I think this is much more suitable conditioning than just a mental pat on the back for not buying Relacore, even though it was on clearance. I owe myself an extra 100$ on top of my regular savings already. >_< Watch, in a few months I’ll have a down payment on a car. :p

Anyways, me and my crampy, bloated self need to get to work before I decide I hate live and just to to sleep. All that lovely, Pagan, women are goddesses and every thing we to is magical stuff is all well and good till your uterus is in a vice and you’re carrying 5 pounds of extra water around.

And on that happy note. To work!

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