I’ve been reviewed!

Justin (a fellow O&G) was kind enough to review my short Gods in the Grey City! You may cry nepotism but I don’t keep friends who just blow smoke up my ass. So, if he says he likes it, you can trust it’s a non-biased opinion.

Happy Friday!

Since I was editing instead of working on Winter Boot, I come with a peace offering:

Chapter 1
Chapter 2

Here are the first two illustrated chapters of my novel; First Brood: Dreamhunter. These are only $.99 each and if you can’t wait for more, the link to the full novel on Amazon is right there (also available from Createspace and Nook). Illustrations are by the fabulous Melody Herbert over at Ragdoll Comics. 🙂

I am also proud to announce that Gods in the Grey City has a fancy new cover! 😀

Cool, huh? Also by Melody, as she’s pretty much my go to art person. ^_^

Hopefully, Winter Boot will be back next week. I seem to have a short story groove going on but in the meantime, enjoy! 😀

Happy 400 Posts!! :D

I was torn between a contest or a giveaway for the 400th post. That’s a pretty good milestone for me considering I wasn’t sure if I was going to keep this up at all. ;D While I was deciding, I was sniffing around Amazon for freebie Kindle books. I suddenly realize I haddn’t checked to see if I had any new reviews on my existing books. I’d been checking every day at one point and got pretty disheartening when nothing was showing  up. On a lark, I decide to look.

And there was a new one.

Properly scared out of my wits, I went to read it and was very happy to see someone enjoyed my story. 🙂

So, for my 400th post, I want to thank everyone who’s read my books and send a personal thank you to Natalie C. who left me that review. It makes me so happy to see feedback and I look forward to giving you all more stories to gobble up.

Here’s to 400 more posts! 😀

New story up! :D

Gods in the Grey City is available for download on Kindle for $1.99!! 😀 My empire is growing!! BWAHAHAA!! XD

Seriously, I’m glad to have more up there for people to buy. 🙂 And now that it’s for sale, I won’t have to bug anyone to vote for it up at top webfiction anymore. Maybe I’ll come up with something else to put there, I dunno. It doesn’t seem to be doing much for my traffic. This doesn’t mean I’ll stop having some free goodies for you guys. And you’ll also notice there’s no cover. I figured I would rather get the story THERE than sit on it and wait for cover art. I’ll upload a cover whenever I get one. :p

Now, I’m going to concentrate on getting Greenhouse done and the entry for that contest over at Otakus and Geeks. Then there’s some open ended submissions for some other anthologies I’d like to try for, as well. It all depends on how much time I have and how Greenhouse flows.

With a hurricane coming, I may have more time that I bargained for. Can’t do laundry if the power goes out. :/ I think once I get through the legal crap from Ma’s passing, I’ll buy a generator. I’ll just feel safer. ._. Not that we’re gonna get really slammed here but still. You never know. Last time we had a long term power outage (last year, I forget what month) it was a tree branch taking out a power line that did it. Can happen anytime so I’d like to be prepared.

Next week, I’ll be on vacation. ^_^ In order to get a proper break, I need to leave the state so I’ll be headed to VA. I may post, I may not. But I will of course, take plenty of pictures. 🙂

“The Black Jewels Trilogy” by Anne Bishop – The last review of the list.

In this final installment of my journey to read through the 10 Fantasy Sagas That Are Wronger Than Twilight, I review “The Black Jewels Trilogy” by Anne Bishop.

Again, I don’t get all the hoopla. Or I’m just a jaded, irredeemable pervert. Either way, I’m enough of an avid fantasy reader to be able to accept the world I’m in when I’m reading the book. Therefore with that said, the romance between the 2000 year old demon and 20 year old woman (because she IS of age when they get together) doesn’t phase me. Especially when you factor in the character Jaenelle Angelline, the female in question. She is no Bella. She is born Witch; with a capital “W” fated with powers the other characters can barely comprehend. Her fated lover; Daemon, loves her from the moment he meets her but honestly, it’s mostly platonic till she’s of age. And I say “mostly” because he keeps dreaming about how awesome she’ll be when Jeanelle grows up. Not to mention she’s so powerful, everyone around her is scared shitless. Jeanelle is not a silly little girl, she’s a force of nature, her spirit is timeless, ageless, and nobody screws with her without paying for it.

Bella is well… Not.

This story was well worth the 1216 page slog and HUGE book I had to carry around for a couple weeks. If you like sprawling fantasy worlds with humor, angst, and good ole fashion magical fun, grab this book. It’s awesome. 🙂 I didn’t find the romance disturbing at all!

Touched by Venom however? I hadda give it up. I returned the book without finishing it because, quite frankly, I didn’t enjoy reading it. It wasn’t the dragon venom aphrodisiac, it was the jargon dropping and slogging through this story which showed no signs of going anywhere. And I don’t have time to read books which are a chore to pick up as you can see from my Shelfari list of books I want to read. That list doesn’t grow so much as mutate and I have a devil of a time keeping up.

In one of my more random reads, I have found a much more disturbing romance than any of the ones I’ve read on that list; Savage Dawn by Cassie Edwards. The premise can be summed up by this simple phrase: “My, Chief Eagle Wolf, that’s some sexy measles you’ve got there.” That’s right, folks, our plucky Caucasian girl, Nichole, who is so garsh derned plucky she’s lost in the West after her parent’s t0wn gets massacred and comes upon Eagle Wolf who is covered in red spots and sick with fever. He thinks it’s small pox but Nichole deduces it’s only measles. But not before checking him out. While he’s sick. Before she even makes the decision to try and help him. Yup… Sexy measles.

And there are Mormons. They seem so random, I skipped the parts I read with them in it. I totally returned this book after the umpteenth time each of our lovers bemoans the fact the other will not be accepted by their respective societies. Didn’t even make it halfway through before I returned it.

In more current news, I have finished the rough edits on Grey City and have resumed writing Greenhouse, sequel to Dreamhunter. I’m making that my focus for now. I’m itching to have both Brood books out at the same time. ^_^ It feels good to be working with my vamps again. I can tell they missed me. 😉

Miss me?

While I was on bereavement leave from work, I sorta took leave from everything else as well. I mean, I cleaned, I wrote, I typed, but I needed alone time to process everything and get the ball rolling on all the legal crap that needs doing. Shit, being an adult sucks sometimes. :p

Please believe me when I say, in all honesty, I am doing ok. In fact, I dare say ‘fine.’ Ma was sick for a long time and now she is with her mother and her mother before her in peace.

The most harrowing part of this was having to deal with my family. I love them but I felt I was being babysat. I am not spun glass, I can take care of myself. I am the type who recharges with time alone and having them looking at me waiting for me to say something/cry/scream or what have you was making me manic. I love them, thanked them, then flat out BEGGED to be allowed to process the death of my mother in peace.

While I was home alone, I did a lot of reading and typing. I have a typed rough draft of Grey City ready for editing. 🙂

For those who may not follow my Twitter feed, Ma passed on August 2; about 6 in the morning. She was 66 years old.


Livejournal went Plooie

As most LJ users or people who have migrated here from LJ know, LiveJournal was hit with a DDoS attack. This happens a bit too frequently for me so I am backing up all my entries here and will be posting in both places till I get annoyed with that and drop one of them. :p

As you all may NOT know (unless you slavishly follow my Twitter feed) I have finished the rough draft of Gods in the Grey City, which I will get to work on typing as fast as possible.

In other news, as of Monday, Ma is officially on hospice care. 🙁 There’s no telling how long till… Well, TILL. It’s the same hospice my Granny used so I expected them to be very nice to me. So far, I have not been disappointed.

Understandably (I hope) you can understand all the delay with my writing these days. :/

It’s no excuse for laziness, however. So, I better get to work.

It’s Ready! :D

Remember that short story I was writing for the erotic lesbian steampunk anthology?

Here it is. 😉

I love this universe and I will absolutely write more with these ladies in the future; both erotic and non-erotic. 🙂 They’re some cool ladies. XD

In other news, Mom had her scan and basically, there’s no change in the actual cancer. She’s still in the hospital and she will be till all the shingles are healed and she can swallow food on her own. When she does come home, Ma will have an aide to help her around the house.

But at least she can come home.

I’m working on more of Gods in the Grey City and hope to post more on the site. Once that’s one, it’ll go to Kindle, too. I’m working on having a whole little corner of Amazon just for me. XD If I can get enough out there, maybe I can make some extra money to afford a dryer! 😀 I would love to own a dryer… *dreams* But all in due time.

Tonight, since I have a three day weekend, I’ll be working on starting a baby sweater (not for me) and practicing driving. I will also try to finish Grey City so I can get it edited and I can move on to the next project. I’m hustling baby!! XD

Ye, gods >_

I’d planned a long entry a couple days ago but then Ma went into the hospital with shingles and well, I freaked out. She’s doing fine so now that I’m calmer I can update the blog with SOMETHING. :p

I’m awaiting a file review for getting Dreamhunter on Kindle and a review of my book from Sorean by . Pardon me for freaking out in both cases. XD I’m trying not to chew my fingernails right off.

Once I’m confident DH went up smoothly, the short stories will start to go up. Eventually, I would like to collect all my short stories in a bound book but for now, Kindle seems to be the way to go for me.

My new 5 page a day goal is going pretty well (the hospital scare where I not only did NOT write, I didn’t sleep… Or eat). I’ve been bouncing back and forth between Greenhouse, Grey City and the lesbian thriller. I’m having such a fabulous time working on them, you have no idea. >D I grab every spare moment I can. 🙂

Since Ma is still in the hospital, I’m walking to the train on weekday mornings. Today I managed to give myself a fabulous blister on my foot so instead of watching Dr. Who on the treadmill, I’ll just sit and watch it. I also have to review Paradise Kiss for you guys.

All in good time, my pretties.

It’s been awhile! And an anime review

I’ve been really busy trying to get Dreamhunter ready for re-publishing and brainstorming ideas for that other anthology I want to query. But in between those things, I managed to get my hands on some anime! So, here’s a long overdue review of Maria Watches Over Us.

I’ve watched season one and two and I’ve come to two conclusions:
1) I have a weakness for shojo. I can’t help it. As warped as I am, give me a good silly story with decent characters and I get emotionally invested. I wanted to know everything about these girls and I wanted them to have beautiful friendships with their "sisters" (it’s kinda their way or mentoring in the school they attend) for the rest of their lives. I laughed with them, teared up when they cried and genuinely wanted them to graduate and succeed.

2) Yuri is nothing like Yaoi. When searching around, this title came up under Yuri and me being ME, I’m thinking "If it’s anything like the yaoi titles I’ve seen, this is gonna be demented and I would want the rest of my family to be far away when I’m watching it." Not even close. Maria is primarily focused on the emotional relationships between the girls. In fact, it’s ONLY focus is how the friendships function and why, and how they grow and change over time. Grab any yaoi manga or video and that’s SO not the case. Given that the market for both genres is the same (young women) you’d think there’d be some more emotion in yaoi or more… *achem* sleeze in the yuri. While I am VERY glad there’s no sleeze in Maria (it’s set in high school, for gods sakes…) I see this divide everywhere. Even in so called yuri manga. Even if the women are obviously in love, they barely share more than a meaningful glance. Meanwhile, the men are boning like jack rabbits through the whole damn thing, sometimes before they even know each other’s names.

So, if you’re looking for Maria to be like say, the female version of Kizuna, you will be absolutely disappointed. But if you want a classic high school drama filled with real emotion that keeps you going to the next episode, I encourage you to watch Maria. It’s just too adorable for words.

Oh, and keep voting for my story on Web Fiction. They refresh the votes every week so daily voting keeps me in the top 5. 😉

I’m almost done with Peach Girl so I’ll be reviewing that next. 😉