New story up! :D

Gods in the Grey City is available for download on Kindle for $1.99!! 😀 My empire is growing!! BWAHAHAA!! XD

Seriously, I’m glad to have more up there for people to buy. 🙂 And now that it’s for sale, I won’t have to bug anyone to vote for it up at top webfiction anymore. Maybe I’ll come up with something else to put there, I dunno. It doesn’t seem to be doing much for my traffic. This doesn’t mean I’ll stop having some free goodies for you guys. And you’ll also notice there’s no cover. I figured I would rather get the story THERE than sit on it and wait for cover art. I’ll upload a cover whenever I get one. :p

Now, I’m going to concentrate on getting Greenhouse done and the entry for that contest over at Otakus and Geeks. Then there’s some open ended submissions for some other anthologies I’d like to try for, as well. It all depends on how much time I have and how Greenhouse flows.

With a hurricane coming, I may have more time that I bargained for. Can’t do laundry if the power goes out. :/ I think once I get through the legal crap from Ma’s passing, I’ll buy a generator. I’ll just feel safer. ._. Not that we’re gonna get really slammed here but still. You never know. Last time we had a long term power outage (last year, I forget what month) it was a tree branch taking out a power line that did it. Can happen anytime so I’d like to be prepared.

Next week, I’ll be on vacation. ^_^ In order to get a proper break, I need to leave the state so I’ll be headed to VA. I may post, I may not. But I will of course, take plenty of pictures. 🙂

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