Mommy Monday – Lazy family update

This weekend was just me and the kiddo. It was kinda surreal to be honest. o_o The Hubbz went to visit his mother out of state to see how she’s doing. The news on that front is she’s dong as well as she can with stage 3 lung cancer. We’ll be going to see her all together next weekend.

But, yes; an entire weekend alone with my kid was strange. But I learned some things:

1. Dominos online ordering? You are faster than I thought and thank you for saving my ass on the Friday night I worked late and forgot to defrost anything.

2. Kiddo loves cucumber rolls. Very awesome. XD

3. Not having a car was a pain but saved my ass because since regular errands took so long, me and kiddo had quality time during the walks.

Addendum to #3? Lugging 3 cases of bottled water in a shopping cart is a pain in the ass… =_=

4. One kid is enough to entertain. My decision to stop at one (if I can help it) was very, very wise.

But it was cool hanging out with just me and the munchkin. I got no writing done but still; a lot of fun. 😉


Rainy Day…

I had a few hours to myself today where I was able to brain storm. There is something about walking to music that loosens up the muse even if I am all dur hurr from lack of sleep. So, I cranked up the MP3 player as I walked to get my kiddo from school and I have three more little stories in the works. All non-erotica related, too! 😀 Remember Djinn? Get ready to hear more from them in the near future.

The only drawback? It was effing cold. >_< Warmer hoodie next time. :p