Today’s Workout: Not quite…


I decided to take a lunch walk today and it’s not quite the weather to go outside without a sweater. Not that I want it to be super hot; I loathe the heat. By the time I was done, I’d warmed up pretty good and I managed to score some veggies on sale.


For lunch I gave these garlic noodles a try. They were not good. They were overly sweet yet somehow tasteless at the same time. It’s a shame but I ended up tossing it without finishing it all.


For dinner, I was craving a chicken Caesar salad. I used the grilled lemon pepper chicken from Trader Joe’s that comes already cooked and it was so good. Much better than the noodles. Combined, it was a high salt day, but I am a very hydrated person so I didn’t bloat too much. I was even able to get the cheese for this on sale! Hey, I’m broke so, I’ll take whatever savings I can get.

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