Today’s Workouts: Make it a double

I had to get some light bulbs and bok choy (since Misfits Market ran out or something since they refunded me) so, one of my workouts was a quick walk to the store. After dinner, I got on the desk bike so I could get some writing done while I did my cardio. It felt pretty good to get in two workouts in a day but I don’t know if I would do that every single day. I still worry about overdoing it and ending up injured.

As for food, it was another round of leftovers for lunch and a salad for dinner. Not really picture worthy, to be honest. Unless you want repeated pictures of the same bowl of pasta I’m working on since the Saxenda won’t let me over eat. Later on in the week, I’ll make sure to do more weights. My arms are looking okay but I’d like to see more definition and build my strength up some more. 

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