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I don’t care about Weiner’s weiner. There. Dick joke completed.

Seriously here, I have nothing to do with that penis so I am very sick of hearing about it. The only penis I care about is the one I come in direct contact with – The one I married. THAT one has real consequences and I SHOULD know where it’s been and what (or who) it’s doing.

Should a man be responsible for his penis? Yes. It should be kept clean and only shared with those who ask. You should protect it with a jacket in harsh environments. But I no more care about Weiner’s penis than the nice young man who helped me at Starbucks or the guy who comes into the library and reads nothing but The Post (for the lulz, you see).

So, remember media: The dick jokes will get old and there is a little matter of people losing their jobs and becoming homeless and shit. Why not talk about that for awhile?

… Now I have "Every Sperm Is Sacred" stuck in my head… Damnit… XD