(Late) Freaky Friday Post – Review of “Hobo With A Shotgun”

In last night’s foray into strange shit I inflict upon myself for no other reason than general amusement, I sat down and watched the above movie.

In short, this is classic movie cheese. It is everything you’d expect from a movie called “Hobo With A Shotgun.” Our hobo steps off a train in search of a new life in this town only to find it overrun by the most depraved bunch of villains since Crossed*(only with less gratuitous rape and poop and more fake blood) and after watching the chaos for a bit, decided he’s had enough and blows the fuck out of the bad guys.

What, you want more than that? Well, the acting is not so bad. What you get with Abby, our plucky prostitute, is one HELL of a screamer. Those are some horror movie lungs, right there. In fact, Abby and the Hobo both act pretty well. I believed they wanted a better life than the psycho stuff around them. The villains, however, were so over the top crazy, I felt like the townspeople should have hit in them in the head with a bag full of rocks waaayyy before the hobo got there. But then, I remembered this was not supposed to be serious. 😉

A few (hundred) gallons of red colored corn syrup later, I came a way with a few good laughs, some great one-liners (“Put the knife away, kid… or I’ll use it to cut welfare checks from your rotten skin!”), and no desire to watch this more than once. The gore was over the top, inducing some cringe worthy moments that, while obliviously fake, still made me grimace at the sight of them.

This is not a bad rental but I wouldn’t want to own it. I don’t see much re-watch value here, unless you want to point out the gaffs and such. But if you want some pure 80’s cheese to go with your crackers, I say go for it.

Totally not for the squeamish, by the way. Or easily offended.

*I hesitate to review this comic because I am still trying to get the images out of my brain. If enough people ask, I will but… Blech. >_<

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