CONTEST ANNOUNCEMENT!!!! :D Win a free copy of First Brood: Dreamhunter

Hello there, my friends and fans! 😀

In order to pimp the crap outta my book and get some fan-swag in the process, I am hosting a contest.

To enter, send Lenni some fanart or fanfiction from the First Brood series. You don’t have to buy the book to know the characters. The first nine chapters are here for you to read. Pick a character (or two) or a fun situation and create away! 😀

Here’s what you can win:

Grand Prize (1 person for art, 1 person for fan-fiction) is a free print copy of Dreamhunter.

All participants receive a Vampire Cupcake button for participating.

Now, for the ground rules:

  • ALL SUBMISSIONS MUST BE ELECTRONIC: The point is to get something for free. I’m not gonna make anyone pay for postage. Fan-fiction should be in the body of your email. I would prefer not to get attachments but it’s ok. Just use RTF format. Pictures should be JPEG so I can see them.
  • Keep it to an R rating. I’ll have a different contest for naughty bits. See next rule for why:
  • ALL ART AND FAN-FICTION RECEIVED WILL BE POSTED ON THE SITE WITH CREDIT: On my site there is a Gifts page. I would like to be able to display the entries without having to post warnings all over the place. Artsy nudity is ok. Parts touching other parts is a no-no. Unless expressly told NOT to post it, I will. Right now there is no separate section for NC-17 work. When there is, I will hold a contest for that.
  • All entries must include your name, title of work, which character(s) it is, and what link you’d like the credit to go to.
  • This contest is limited to First Brood characters. With other characters is fine (ex: Auris vs Batman or something) but not anyone from my other stories.
  • Send all entries to
  • One entry per person please. One person should not submit art AND a story. One or the other.
  • Fan-Fiction entries need to be under 10,000 words. I want to have time to read them all.
  • Final date for entries is March 31, 2012. Results will be posted by April 15, 2012 (barring injury or illness of course)

I would love for all my fans to get involved and inspired by my work. ^_^ If my readers would also love to do me a kindness in spreading the word, I would appreciate it. 😉

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