Paypal, FAIL!

Paypal is at it again… After the complete B.S. they pulled with Regretsy, now they have turned their sights on independent publishers of erotica. Now, I don’t use Smashwords, I use Createspace but it’s just a matter of time before Paypal sets it’s sights on me as well.

I for one am NOT waiting for PayPal to say “Oops, sorry. That was a poor decision because we are getting shitty press. We change our minds.” I’m switching to WePay. I’m not going to wait for my account to be frozen or have to scream at them to get at my own money.

Am I asking everyone to join me? Not really. This is a free country and people are free to make their own decisions about where they want to spend their money. And because I believe that, and some of my stories are erotic in nature, I believe it people want them, they should have them and that’s it.

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