Devil May Cry: The Complete Series – Anime Review

I was so excited to get this dvd collection as a big fan of the first two games. Sadly, this anime is completely forgettable. Even the battle scenes and gratuitous posing are standard anime fair. I would have liked to see the plot from the games play out without risking dying in the game play and I was very disappointed.

Speaking as a girl gamer/geek, I was also let down by every major female character. Lady and Trish are so freakin annoying! Patty is a little girl. She’s supposed to be annoying at times when its convenient to the plot but the hunters are catty poseaholics who live only to cause Dante trouble and drive him deeper in to debt. They seem to help him only by accident.

And don’t get me started on Dante being a perpetually poor demon PI. If I want that, I’ll get the DVD set of Dresden.

All in all, I’m glad I borrowed this form a library instead of buying it. It’s so very bland and formulaic I would have kicked myself for spending the money.



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