Weight Loss Challenge Update

I always swear I’ll do weekly updates and it never works out… Well, anyways, here we go.

It’s been a little over a month since I started this, and here’s the stats as of this morning:

Starting weight: 199

Current weight: 193

Not bad at all, if I say so myself. And it’s not only the scale. A dress I bought that didn’t fit (swearing I’d lose weight one day) I can not only get in to, I can breathe, sit down, and zip it up. I couldn’t do that a month ago.

For the record, the dress looks like this:


Only with shorter sleeves.

Now if only I can get my hair to do that…

I’ve also been very good about using the Just 6 Weeks app. I managed to nab it when it was free and now I’m up to 216 squats without feeling like I can’t walk the next day. The next challenge for me with the app is the sit up section.

So, that’s how it’s been going so far. And with motivation like that, I’m psyched to keep going. 😉

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