Finally Watched It: Over The Garden Wall Episode 2: “Hard Times at the Huskin’ Bee”

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A bluebird named Beatrice offers to guide Wirt and Greg to Adelaide of the Pasture (the good woman of the woods) and help them get home.

Again, I gotta comment on how frikkin’ beautiful this cartoon is. Greg seems to have the potential to be that annoying kind of derpy and Beatrice is awesome. As far as plot, this one is creepier than the last one. Those effing pumpkins are a town full of NOPE. It’s a little dark for young kids but for a warped person like me, I chuckled at several points. It is a fun show and I look forward to more!

Also, it’s really amazing shows like this can pack more feeling and fun into 11 minutes than some 3 hour movies. I’ve said that before and I’ll likely say it again because facts are facts.

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