August Loot Crate: Anti-Hero

  • Archer t-shirt
  • Dark elf pin
  • Harley Quin Q-Fig
  • Kill Bill Socks
  • Hellboy red hand ceramic bank

I gotta start with the bank. It is super cool but tiny. I can’t imagine much money fitting in there but then again, I’m the type of person that uses those giant water jugs as a bank (don’t laugh… That change paid for a trip to Disney). I am honestly not a can of Archer but the Q-fig and socks are very awesome. It’s a shame Suicide Squad is why all this Harley stuff is coming out since I’ve loved her character since Batman: The Animated Series. Luckily, the cartoon is what the figure is based on; not the recent movie.

All in all? Not a bad box. I’m just a little shocked there weren’t more items.

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