Running Update and Savage Kid Again.

Kid: “What did you get for your running?”
Me: “A pair of two-pound gloves and an eight-pound weighted vest.”
Kid: “You are going to kill yourself!”
Me: “I’m not going to wear it all NOW. I have to train for it. Like Dragon Ball Z.”
Kid: “So, it’s going to take you two seasons to train?”

This kid is savage… XD

I was going to just throw this up on Facebook and forget about it but I figured this was also a good time to talk about where the running is these days.

I did indeed get some weighted workout gear but if you have been following me on Instagram, you may have seen me complain about getting to 2 miles in under 30 minutes in an effort to have a complete 5k take less time. If I can get to 5k in 30-45 minutes, a 10k becomes much more feasible from a time standpoint. I can’t imagine cramming 2 hours of training into every day. I’m lucky to get 1 hour between reading for reviews, writing, needlework, working full time (and overtime), and kicking ass as a single mom.

Currently, I am hovering around the 31-32 minute mark for 2 miles. I get disappointed but I try to remember that its a process and I’m not doing too bad if I’m getting back the speed I had before my surgery and after being sick for a month. Heck, I’ve even lost a pound. I am used to beating myself up over my “failures” but I am forcing myself to see this as a journey and I am perpetually taking steps forward. I want to be faster and stronger and I am absolutely going to get there.

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