Flame Con 2018

This was my first year at Flame Con and I have to say, I had a great time and I don’t think I’ve ever felt more welcome at a con. Everyone was SUPER nice.

Also, I think since this was a smaller con, things were really well organized. Every panel I attended was on time and interesting, the hotel staff had no problem helping me out in finding the proper places to get my ticket scanned, a great experience all around.

The ribbon cutting
The main floor
A panel on fashion in media
Final Fantasy panel

On a total aside, these blessed things were stationed all over the place.

Every con should have these!!!!

Especially since cons tend to be a sweaty, hot, oppressive gauntlet; having these water stations around was fantastic.

I was only able to go one day but I had a fantastic time and I hope I get to go next year! It was really informative and a lot of fun.

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