2021 Recap and 2022 Goals.

So… 2021 was a thing.


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And looking back on this year, I’ve actually had more success than the previous year. Not up to the level I wanted but improvement was made.

First off, while I didn’t make tons of money with my writing, I didn’t have as many months were I made nothing. I did hit my goal of making enough money in a month to pay one bill. I had some issues with Amazon that pushed me to move my books to my own blog, but I was able to succeed regardless. I also got my Patreon back up and ready for supporters.

My other goal was to clear out more clutter and that’s been going alright. My office is looking more and more like a place where someone works and not where someone stores crap. I have more to go but progress is in a positive direction.

And lastly, thanks to Saxenda, I lost some of the weight I wanted to lose. My insurance company played a bunch of games with my refills (and they’re doing it again, FML), which played a direct role in stalling my weight loss. I was also set back by skipping workouts to write more. While this did help me boost my catalogue, it did my weight loss goals no favors.

One thing I wasn’t able to do was use up more yarn. I still have my store but I wasn’t able to put much in it. I was focused on everything else that I just didn’t have the time. Maybe next year I’ll fill that shop to the brim. I also wasn’t able to learn how to knit socks… Maybe I should start the next year working on that.

Overall, I think I did a decent job with my goals for this year but I’m going to amp everything up in 2022. More stories, more reviews, more content in general for whoever comes across my little blog. Maybe a year from now, it won’t be so little.

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