Today’s Workout: I haven’t stopped

I did stick to my three cardio days last week but I got lazy with posting. And if it’s not on the internet, it didn’t happen, right? Joking aside, my workouts are always in my MyFitnessPal and I am brutally honest about what I eat on there. My username is lightinash if you want to add me. 

This time, I was working out how to set up a mailing list for writing updates. I’m futzing around with MailChimp since I signed up for a promo for my First Brood series. Once I’m confirmed, I’ll post about it here. Those 30 minutes flew by while messing with the settings and trying to link MailChimp to BookFunnel (which I have also signed up for). Just tinkering with it made me forget I was peddling.

Once the promo is live and my mailing list is set up, I’ll post about it here. I’ve never done a mailing list before so this should be interesting.

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