Today’s Workout: Long day

I managed to squeeze this in on a day where we were short staffed and I ended up helping this very nice man with his Google Docs for over an hour. While darting about helping other people. Good news is I helped him out and learned that you can merge Google Docs with an app. That’s pretty cool.

This was dinner after having a gyro platter for lunch (no pic, I forgot). I get my gyro platters with no dairy so it’s less calories; basically, it’s a salad with some lamb meat on the side.

Yup. I broke. I walked into the house after work and faceplanted right into my bed. My brain is fried and my body is tired. I need a treat or I’m gonna fall down. It’s just one and I have my kettlebell workout to do later. I’ll burn it off.

I also got in a walk during my lunch break; a quick 20 minutes and later I’ll do the kettlebell workout for 15 minutes. I think I need an extra stretching session to wind down more and get ready for work tomorrow. I am mentally so exhausted. And I’ve still been writing every day. I think I deserved that one beer.

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