Today’s Workout: Pay attention…


This was one of those days where at first I kept checking the clock to make sure I go to 40 minutes only to stop paying attention and end up going way over. I mean… Its not like it hurts me to burn extra calories. I’ll take any bump in activity.

For lunch, I prepped my usual meat and veggies but it was so filling, I ended up snacking on popcorn for dinner. I’ll probably snack on that huge bowl tomorrow.

I did pack a LOT of the veggies in that container when I prepped my lunch so next time I won’t put so much in there. I felt very over full. The popcorn is just powdered garlic and some salt (that I went easy on since I’m trying not to eat so much of that). Yes, there’s some melted butter. I still didn’t feel like it was that much of a bad thing to eat since I can’t eat very much of it.

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