Today’s Workout: Sleepy but workin.


I am still struggling with making breakfast, particularly because I stay up too late the night before and hit snooze too many times. Not to mention my allergies closing up my nose in the middle of the night and trying to get back to sleep. But, I still managed to get the energy to use the peddler today.

Since I was pressed for time, I just made a salad for lunch. I had taken a picture of dinner; which was baked broccoli and garlic over rice but my phone decided I didn’t need it. I cooked the entire bag of broccoli (because I didn’t want it to go bad) so, there’s plenty of leftovers.

Including the tuna was important since my hunger is increased while I’m off the Saxenda. Without it, I haven’t had the issues with gas but I’ll keep a close eye on it once I start back up again next week. I know it works and I still have 20 pounds to go.

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