Today’s Non-Workout: Taking a Break

Not gonna lie, I’ve been struggling the last few days. I have had really bad gas and bloating that’s been very painful and I was wracking my brain to figure out what it was. I thought back to any changes I’d made in the last few weeks and I’d been doing the same workouts, eating the same foods… The only thing that’s changed is I went up to the largest daily dose of Saxenda.

I did some quick searching and yes, Saxenda can cause gas and bloating; even nausea. I didn’t take my dose last night and counted my lucky stars I didn’t get that last one. 

Cut to me at 2am.

I was violently awoken by my rolling stomach and only made it to the bathroom sink before I threw up. That was NOT fun to clean up in the middle of the night.

Now, when I say the gas and bloating was bad, it was nonstop burping and cramps so bad I couldn’t focus and I was curled up or hunched over my stomach. I could not eat dinner last night because even though I felt a little hungry, I also felt overfull with just air. So, I’ll be taking some time off from these meds; about a week or so. Then I’ll restart from the lowest dose and not go above half. I want to succeed in my goals but not like this. I’m only willing to suffer up to a certain point and constant pain is absolutely where I draw the line.

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