Today’s Workout: Ultrahuman HIIT Day 2


Finding motivation to workout has been hard since life is really stressing me out right now but not doing my workouts would be even more stressful. These are pretty short, too, and don’t require a bunch of set up.

I forgot to bring my noodles with my lunch today which isn’t a terrible thing. The plain noodles aren’t the healthiest food in the world. For dinner, I had a nice salad. Something about the heavy meat and veggies for lunch makes me crave a salad for dinner.

Overall, it’s not as active of a day as getting up early to run but I still feel like it was a success. The ginger was a nice punch to the vegetables and the missing noodles made sure I didn’t feel overstuffed while I’m on the Saxenda. It’s been awhile since I weighed myself but I’ll get to that. I’m in no hurry to do that.

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