Today’s Workout: Dodo’s?


This series always has some strange turns. Fun turns but also strange.

I had to cover for someone on vacation so, I have two nights at work this week. Confusing for my brain but great for getting up to run before work without having to drag ass outta bed before the sun comes up. It was a good run and it made me feel accomplished first thing on a Monday. That’s always good.


On Sunday, I made a pot of sauce. Its a pretty big pot so, I’ll be eating a lot of pasta to work my way through it. A tragedy, I know. For dinner, my friend had extra arroz con pollo with some chorizo and brought some for me. It was just the right amount of spice for me. I thought I’d save some for my kid but nah, I ate it all.

I also tried to make it a point to move around more during the day. I’ve been noticing some hip pain and I haven’t done any workouts to justify it. My lazy Google searching found that sitting too much can cause hip pain. I have a movement reminder on my watch and I’ll be doing my best to get up and walk around more often during the day and take time for some extra stretching. That should do the trick but I plan to talk to my doctor regardless.

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