Today’s Workout: Switching it up


Yeah, I’m not having much luck working out after work. I have been too tired and end up skipping it. And I don’t think the peddler is intense enough to be relying on it as my sole cardio. So, I’m trying to get up early three times a week and running before I go to work. It’s a long day but it’s worth it to get in the run, clean up real quick, then head off to deal with the rest of my day. And I’m using Zombies Run and c25k to keep track of my time and intervals.

A big part of running in the morning is preparing my lunch the night before. So, while I was making dinner (that first picture with the swordfish) I prepped my food for the Itaki. I also had time to make some breakfast but on the Saxenda, all that was way too much food. Dinner came around and the thought of eating anything else made me feel sick. I need to have something lighter in the morning, even though a bagel with egg is so comforting after a run.

By the way, that swordfish was delicious. I marinated it in olive oil and lemon juice and pan fried it with olive oil, butter, and whole garlic cloves. If I get a decent deal on it again, I’ll absolutely buy some more. 

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