Writing Update: 500 Words a Day Challenge

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Since I’m signed up for his newsletter, I went ahead and opted into Jeff Goins’ 500 Words Challenge. And so far, I’m doing pretty good! I think the only day I’ve missed was January first since I signed up for the challenge on the second.

I have been focusing on book 4 in the First Brood series since that’s the one I want to finish the most. Don’t worry. I’m still putting around with my other projects but First Brood 4 is what’s really been on my mind.

I know on the blog it says blogging counts but I haven’t been counting it because it’s the stories that will hopefully be providing me with the income I desperately need. Since I’ve built the momentum, I hope I can complete this challenge!

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A New Challenge!

I was poking around the interwebz (as I am wont to do) and I found this:


And you know how Lenni finds it hard to turn down a challenge. I don’t expect to look like the lady in the picture (nor do I want to, honestly) but when I read this and my first thought was “Shit, I can’t even do one pushup” I didn’t like that I thought that way. I want to be able to lift my own body weight if I’m being chased by zombies or warewolves or fangirls or whatever.

Since there’s no time like the present, I’ll be starting this today. Game on, bitches! >D

Wii fit 30 Day Challenge – Day One

I say 30 days but on days that I work till 9pm, I will obviously have no time to hop on the Wii but hey, I’ll give it my best shot.

I got the Wii board synched and tried this sucker out last night. Holy hell, I am sore. Not P90x sore (that is a WHOLE nother animal) but I can tell I got a workout. I didn’t set up the Mii before diving right in to the thing so my first day is not registered under my profile. But whatever. I still did 30 minutes yesterday. 🙂 My favorite activity so far is the hullahoop challenge. I feel like an ass but hey, it works.

I’m back with the workouts again because I noticed my weight creeping up back over 200 and the treadmill makes noises that I’m SURE aren’t safe. 0.0 I just don’t feel healthy and I aims ta fix that!

I’ll try to update everyday but likely, I’ll forget. XD

Today I’m working at the library but I’ve been writing. A lot. Since Dreamhunter has been out for almost a year, I’m thinking of starting to post preview chapters of the sequel soon. Thoughts? Demands? Shameless pleading? 😉